Help to Write Journal Article Summaries, Book Reviews, and Movie Reviews

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Buy-book-reviews, article-summaries-and-movie-reviewsThroughout High school and mostly in college you will have to write an article summary for a book, journal or movie. A summary is a shortened (condensed) version of a larger work, done in a brief prose. While this be the case, it is not a rewrite of the larger piece; rather, a brief communication of the main points, logic, or arguments contained in a piece you read. In this regard, an article summary grasps the reader’s attention by summing up all the main points in a paper.

An article summary has two main characteristics; it is shorter than the original article or the source and frequently repeats the main ideas of the original article in various sentences. When writing an article summary, the principle of fidelity must be adhered to. In this regard, the writer sticks to the original idea of the author without any changes in the article summary, whatsoever.

To produce a good article summary, you need to read the article several times in order to completely understand all the points covered by the author, note the major points, and ideally, write an initial draft without looking at the contents of the article. As you do so, ensure to paraphrase all the main arguments (points) in own words, unless the point’ s meaning can only be fully put across in the form of a direct quote, in which case you need to put in quotation marks.

When you now get down to writing the fine copy, you need to start by clearly highlighting what the work is all about, the title, who is the author and their credentials and the main discussion put forth in the present tense.

In order to come up with a good summary essay, you need to clearly understand the source that your reviews will center. Many students employ the “reader’s summary” as a way of understanding the source. Reader’s summary involves going through the article and jotting down a few points you deem relevant.

The introduction of your article summary should then bear the thesis statement. The thesis statement should not be quoted from the source; rather, it should be crafted in own words, based on your understanding of the article being summarized. The introduction in an article summary indicates the title of the article, the author’s name, and in some instances, a brief background of the author. The introduction, however, should not have your own opinion, nor the evaluation of the summary text at this point.

The body of the summary is your next vital component in writing an article summary. The body condenses the original work, leaves out the minor points, and includes a number of the author’s original illustrations. Do not introduce any new topics in an article summary; remember you are merely repeating the author in fewer words. At this point, ensure that the reader is aware that you are only summarizing what another author documented, by use of leading phrases such as “the article continues to argue”… “the writer then articulates that”.. “at the very end, the author argues that”… and so forth. However, do not over use this. In essence, such leading phrases is only so that the reader is aware you are reviewing some other persons work.

As you write the concussion, state what the author’s “give- way message” i.e. restate the author’s conclusion in one sentence. Importantly, ensure that your article summary conveys the same message as the original text. It is also critical that you proofread your article summary to ensure that you have not misinterpreted the original article, which would mislead the reader.

At the very end, ensure to write a complete bibliographic citation of the article, in the format instructed, with the name, title, author, and date of publication. Some schools will prefer that you put this information at the very begging so it is also important to check with the lecturers so that you are sure of the right format to follow.

There are some dependable buy term paper help services that can write article summaries, book reviews and movie reviews for you at a small fee. All you need to do is provide them with your requirements and have the work done easily.

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